Burning Man 2003

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Supply List

What you must bring:
At least 1.5 Gallons of water per day per person, Must be purchased and left in cardboard case if transported by our truck, please include one or two extra 2.5 gallon for the misting system.
Glow Sticks, 4 per night, one for your front and one for your back
Sun Screen for skin, I highly recommend Solar Max, (click here), one bottle should last 2 to 3 days, it is the best I ever used
Sun Screen for lips
At least 2 pair of sun glasses, just in case you miss place one
Small Flash Light, and batteries, you will want this to walk around with, i.e. port-a-potties
1.5 liter bottle holder with strap (2 of them) or equivalent
Warm clothes for evening
Cool clothing for day
Foot wear
Money for coffee, ice, and misc.  You will need to replace your ice twice a day if you use ice.

Camping Supplies you should have:
A tent or shelter, for geodesic
Flash lights, and batteries
Sleeping Bag or Light and heavy blanket
Garbage bags
Food, perishables last 1 to 3 days, you can by ice there, but it is a hassle
Reusable plates
Plastic forks and knives
Paper Towel

What we suggest you should bring:
Shade structure, like umbrella, wide brim hat
Sand goggles
Ear plugs
Particle or dust mask
Baby wipes
Zip Lock Bags - Keeps things out of the dust
Shade for cars
Dr. Bronners, available at REI
Bicycle with big tires, i.e. mountain bike
Spray bottles for misting, or misters
Chairs, at least one chair per person

Suggested Clothing
Thongs, tennis shoes, plat form, and sandals
Sarong, for men and women
Scarf, bandanna
Light Jacket
Heavy Jacket for night time
Doctors Scrubs - for theme

Things Not to bring
Feathers, i.e. Boas
Glass, or glass bottles
Loose glitter
Nuts in shells