Burning Man 2003

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This page is under construction.

First timers please read the "First Timers Guide".  You may still want to read it even if you have gone before.

Ice Water
To make ice water you will need a cooler, at least 50lbs of dry ice (50lbs will last 3 to 4 days, 100lbs lasts a week) and some 1.5 litter water bottles.  Fill the water bottles 3/4 full.  Place in cooler.  Wait....  When frozen, fill the rest of the bottle with water.  Now you have ice water to walk around with for hours.  You can also use the dry ice to freeze ice packs for food.  You should tend to this at least twice a day if not more especial if you have perishable foods.

For more information on camping with dry ice click on http://www.dryiceinfo.com/camping.htm

For instructions and pictures on how to build a geodesic domes, click on http://www.squarewave.com/geometry/