Burning Man 2003

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Malpractice Camp 2003

Malpractice Camp returns with a vengeance!

Theme: The things in life that you thought you could trust, you can't. At Malpractice Camp, you begin to see that ultimately you place your trust in human beings, not your view of what is healthy and you see the absurdity commonly held beliefs.

Click here to see a schedule of Malpractice Camp creation, building and packing days.

Events, Inter-Activities and Art work:

  • Psychic Surgery (Performance Art)- We are pleased to announce the return of Doctor Al Zheimers, extraordinary psychic surgeon. Dr Zheimers uses a combination of sleight-of-hand, theatre blood, and compelling bedside manner to get to the core of what ails ya. We will also have EMTs (Emergency Malpractice Technicians) to assist Doctor Al Zheimers. He will do random operations, and some referred operations. 

  • X-Ray Display (Art Work) - These are dazzling displays of human and animal skeleton X-rays that glow in the playa nights. The light from the display can be seen for playa blocks away, hypnotically attracting BRC residents like moths to a flame. The X-Ray display consists of (3) 12"x36" and (2) 12"x12" X-ray display boxes, each showing four medical and/or veterinary X-rays. 

  • The Waiting Room (Inter-activities/Chill out Room) - The prototypical doctor's waiting room - cheap furniture, bad art, ancient magazines (can you say "Highlights"?) and leaks in the roofing (i.e misting system). Press the buzzer to summon the nurse, who provides the visitor with a lengthy form to fill out, then disappears (the nurse may also provide other amusement or abuse). Press the button again to summon another nurse - maybe. After reviewing your paper work you may be referred to the "Triage and Die-Agnostic Service", where a "Toe Tag or Total Recovery Tarot" reading will be performed by a shawoman - or you may be referred to the DermAbrasion Clinic. If nothing ails ya, put you friend on the Referral List (see below). If you're not referred, just wait and fill out more paper work, or catch up on exciting reading material like the Bibliography of Solid Adsorbents from 1943 to 1953.

  • Referral List (Events) - In the waiting room you can refer a friend for some malpractice service. Once a day (or maybe more) we will pick some poor soul (hee hee hee) and with our EMTs (Emergency Malpractice Technicians) we will find that person and transfer them back to Malpractice Camp (we'll also have the person's friends come, to provide moral support and to be pallbearers). Dr Zheimers will perform Psychic Surgery to remove the demon spirits. Afterwards, as usual, we all head over to BRCC (Black Rock City Cemetery) where friends will generate a eulogy, MadLibs style. The patient's friends will be invited to speak well of the departed. Why wait until you die to hear people say nice things about you?

  • DermAbrasion and Counseling Clinic (Inter-activities) - In the DermAbrasion and Counseling Clinic you will be serviced by our most experienced Abrasive Counseling experts. You not only leave with a fresh layer of skin, you will also have a reality adjustment. At certain times of the day we will be softening your hands, while soaking your feet in Dr. Browner's for those worn soles.

  • The Doctor's Station is where the staff will be during office hours. It will be decorated with medical posters and random plastic body parts. A lost and found will be made handy in this area, especially for the lost hearts. This is where the nurses conspire on customer service. Ever wonder if the nurses talk about after you handed in your forms? They do; this is where it happens.

  • The Cemetery (Resting Place) - The cemetery is a covered area so when not used for the burials, passer buyers can stop and rest in the shade on the green grass, or on the benches near the flowers. The cemetery will be populated with three plots, dimly lit at night to see the tombstones and whatever else might be reaching up through the playa dirt...

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