D. I. Soloway and P. J. Haley, Neural Generalized Predictive
Control: A Newton-Raphson Implementation
, NASA TM-110244,
February 1997, pp. 18, (684KB).

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Keywords: Predictive control; Nonlinear; Real-time; Neural network;

Abstract: An efficient implementation of Generalized Predictive Control using a multi-layer feedforward neural network as the plant's nonlinear model is presented. In using Newton-Raphson as the optimization algorithm, the number of iterations needed for convergence is significantly reduced from other techniques. The main cost of the Newton-Raphson algorithm is in the calculation of the Hessian, but even with this overhead the low iteration numbers make Newton-Raphson faster than other techniques and a viable algorithm for real-time control. This paper presents a detailed derivation of the Neural Generalized Predictive Control algorithm with Newton-Raphson as the minimization algorithm. Simulation results show convergence to a good solution within two iterations and timing data show that real-time control is possible. Comments about the algorithm's implementation are also included.