The Museum

Welcome to The Museum

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Photograph By Michel Nochlin
Left to Right: Don Soloway, Ben Fientuch

The Museum consists of a collection of galleries that display various forms of art.  These floors are open for the public.  They are the Gallery 3D, My Art and Burning Man. 

Gallery 3D is a collection of 3D photography, some taken just by me, and some taken by Dale Barrows and I.  Please step in and view some of our best stereograms.

My Art is showing 3 of my Conte Crayon drawings.

Burning Man is a collection of photos from the Burning Man event of 1998 and 2003.  There are some 3D pictures of Burning Man in the Gallery 3D Burning Man room. 

To find out more about Burning Man please click here.


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