Burning Man 2002
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Malpractice Camp 2002
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Malpractice camp consisted of four main areas (see Malpractice Camp Defined for a more detailed description).  With these four areas you can consider us a prototypical European style (soon to be American (we are just slow to catch up to the new way of doing things)) hospital.  We can service any and all, from cradle to grave.

The first area is the X-Ray space.

The second space is the waiting room.  This is the largest of its kind on the playa.  As you can see the spacious room inside to store hundreds of patients, with plenty of parking in the front.  This room consist of a misting system to keep you cool, reading material and checkers for your wait.  Just like a European hospital you can be sure you will be surprise and annoyed at the waiting times.  We have plans for a sleeping area for those over several day waits.  Most conveniently located next to the waiting room, is the X-ray area.  The one thing you don't wait for is your X-ray exposure.

The next room is the DermAbrasion room.  Federal law 2102.2 prohibits the displaying of this room.

Lastly, after your X-rays, wait and abrasion, we have a spacious resting area for you.

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