The Rivercats in Redding

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After a day of games, we relaxed at the lake. Some of us went swimming.


After the swim we had some refreshments

Demonstrating the art of creating head.

As we enjoyed our refreshments, these gentlemen explained the ecology of the park. Much to our surprise, we leaned that the sand at the lake was missing vital nutrients for the survival of the lake bed. They told us that we had in our possession these vital nutrients.

Us being responsible citizens of the world, we decided to donate the nutrients to the park. Our two new friends were delighted. They supported use in depositing the nutrients in the sand. Here you can see them watching to make sure none of it goes to waste.

The results of our good deed for the day. Stay tuned for our next trip, were with the support of our new friends, we help the community with there disparate shortage of license plates.

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